Hi Guys,

I have the free 5nine converter but have an unusual problem.

Been using the converter with no problems except this one VM i have.

The problem seems to be that the converter doesn't seem to find all VMDK's if the VM's harddisk has been extended.
The OS is linux so when you want to extend the disk you have to create an additional disk and then in software extend the volumes.

When the conversion starts it finds the VM ok then converts it and injects it into Hyper V ok but when I run up the VHD it fails stating its missing a volume.

Now I have reproduced this error using 'Oracle's VirtualBox'. I created a new VM and imported the disks but deliberately left off the second disk to see the errors.

The error was the same down to the letter so my question is;

Does the free version take this account or do I have to buy the full version to include all disks.

Many thanks