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Thread: Clarification of "non intrusion" for HyperV lab from ESXi

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    Question Clarification of "non intrusion" for HyperV lab from ESXi


    I have ESXi 4.1 guests that I want to convert to HyperV 2016 guests. I will be using the converted guests on a HyperV lab environment to test some upgrade scenarios.

    Will the original VMware servers be functional after a 5None conversion? I.E. will the original servers be ok when I turn them back on to carry on running as they have been doing before the conversion.

    It looks like a dumb question, but I rather make sure before finding out that I broke my live environment. English is not my mother tongue.

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    Hello Wally,

    You are using a pretty old ESXi server, but 5nine V2V Easy Converter still doesn't perform any changes to VMware VM.
    It can be stared back, as soon as conversion is complete.