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Thread: Error when creating new VM: "Process action 'CreateVM' failed..."

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    Question Error when creating new VM: "Process action 'CreateVM' failed..."

    Hey guys,

    Testing out 5nine manager for our Hyper-V cluster but I'm getting this error whenever I try to create a new VM from inside 5nine:

    Process action 'CreateVM' failed. Set value '80' for control 'numericUpDownProcessor' (parent control: 'tabPageProcessor') failed. Minimum value: '1'. Maximum value: '64'.

    I don't recognize the error, but I can edit VMs, add new hosts, everything else under the sun seems to work. Any ideas?


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    Hi Cameron,

    Try re-specifying administrator;s credentials for your Hyper-V cluster within 5nine Manager console.
    If this doesn't help, please collect support information archive via "Help->Support information" and forward that to


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