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Thread: Questions on V2V Convertion

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    Questions on V2V Convertion

    Good day.

    Newbie here.

    Converting VMs in vSphere 5.0 to Hyper-V Win2012 R2 (V2V)

    Some questions:
    1) VMs with multiple snapshots are still able to convert to VHD/x? If yes, what happen to the previous snapshots?
    2) Do we need VMware tools installed and running in the VM to be converted?
    3) We can perform concurrent conversions by launching multiple 5nine V2V Easy Converter?
    4) Is there any clean up to do after convert to VHD/x?
    5) Do we need to manually install Hyper-V Integration Services after convertion?

    Many thanks in advance


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    Hi Doublee,

    Please see answers to your questions below:
    1) It is recommended to merge or delete all snapshots before converting VMs. This significantly improved chances of a successful conversion.
    2) 5nine V2V Easy Converter does not use VMware tools (VM is converted while it is offline), you can uninstall them before or after the conversion.
    3) This is possible, however, if you want to perform simultaneous conversions, you would need to get a full version of 5nine V2V Easy Converter
    4) Uninstall VMware tools. VMware machine is going to remain unchanged, so once you confirm, that Hyper-V VM is operating correctly you can delete its VMware version.
    5) It depends on Guest OS, that you are using, for older ones you need to install them manually.