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Thread: Using Library ISO has credential problems

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    Using Library ISO has credential problems

    When creating a new VM from 59Manager, I select the ISO to use. It's on another domain computer in a share. The admin account for the domain obviously has full control of that share yet when I try to finish and start the new VM I get an error that the account doesn't have rights to the share. My thinking is that the new VM isn't using the admin account to access that share. To get the VM created, I had to use Hyper-V manager on the host. that worked just fine.
    The ISO and template features are great but not if you can't access them when needed. Any ideas on how to solve this?

    Saving as a template also does not work. I assume its due to the same credentials problem. I would think it would use the administrator name and passord which was used when setting up 59manager but that must not be the case. I also see that it says to check the logs but I'm not sure where to find them. I checked all the usual places.
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