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Thread: Offline Conversions?

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    Offline Conversions?

    Will the V2V Easy Converter do an offline conversion or does it HAVE to have a live host to dump the newly converted machine into?

    Maybe there's a different way to go about this, but what we have is an SBS 2008 physical machine with an old version of VMware Server installed. VMware Server is running a Windows 2000 VM. We're going to P2V the 2008 SBS server, format the physical machine, install Win 2012 R2 and import the SBS VM back into it as a Hyper-V VM. We want to convert the Win 2k box to Hyper-V, but I'm having trouble finding a method to do that without a live Hyper-V host. Maybe I just need to use the existing SBS 2008 as a HyperV host first to do the V2V on the Win2000 VM, then export it to external storage, then P2V SBS and export it to external storage, then format and install 2012, then import the SBS and 2000 VM's? Appreciate anyone's insight. I pasted our VMware version info below. Thanks in advance!

    VMware Infrastructure Web AccessVersion 2.0.0Build 122589VMware ServerVersion 2.0.0Build 122956Copyright ? 1998-2008 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Protected by one or more U.S. Patent Nos. 6,397,242, 6,496,847, 6,704,925, 6,711,672, 6,725,289, 6,735,601, 6,785,886, 6,789,156, 6,795,966, 6,880,022, 6,944,699, 6,961,806, 6,961,941, 7,069,413, 7,082,598, 7,089,377, 7,111,086, 7,111,145, 7,117,481, 7,149,843, 7,155,558, 7,222,221, 7,260,815, 7,260,820, 7,269,683, 7,275,136, 7,277,998, 7,277,999, 7,278,030, 7,281,102 and 7,290,253; patents pending. VMware, the VMware "boxes" logo and design, Virtual SMP and VMotion are registered trademarks or trademarks of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. All other marks and names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies.
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    Hello Engin00b,

    5nine V2V Easy Converter performs host to host conversion of your virtual machines.
    So you have to have both VMware and Hyper-V hosts up and running.

    Please keep in mind, that minimum VMware version supported by 5nine V2V Easy Converter is ESXi 4.x