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Thread: firewall- related question.

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    firewall- related question.

    Hi guys,
    I installed 5nine Cloud Security on my Hyper-v host and enabled firewall on one of my VMs.
    This VM is now unavailable for any connections. I can't even ping it from other VM. Could you advise?

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    Hi Gerard,

    5nine Cloud Security is using deny all approach, as the most secure one. This approach is also called "white listing", as you create firewall rules for everything, that you want to allow.
    So when you enable virtual firewall protection VM becomes completely isolated from any network connection, including communications from VMs on the same host, from the same VLAN etc.
    Please note, that as 5nine Cloud Security can also control L2 traffic, creating allowing ARP rule first is very important. If you are not planning to use precise ARP rules configuration, just create Allow Any ARP rule for All VMs group.