Hi, I have the following setup:

Machine1: ESXi 5.5 hosting various VM's
Machine2: Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 'bare metal' currently no VM's
Machine3: Win 8.1 with Hyper-V Manager role

I am wanting to move some VM's to Hyper-V but as its bare metal there is no GUI. So I thought I would be able to migrate with V2V using the Win8 machine as a client. I can connect to the ESXi, and to the Hyper-V but when it comes to running the conversion I get an error saying it failed and cannot find the path. I installed the Hyper-V role on the Win 8 machine and it all worked fine, but I don't want the VM's on the win8 machine and don't want to duplicate workload by exporting to a share and importing them into Hyper-V. Is there no way around this, or will I have to install an actual OS on Machine2 so I can install 5Nine and do it direct, or can i use Machine3 as a middle man?