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Thread: Failed to convert VM

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    Exclamation Failed to convert VM

    Hi there,

    i got a problem converting a VMWare VM to Hyper V.

    Source: ESXi 5.1 (VM is a Server 2003 SP2) -> Conversion started on a Server in Hyper-V Environment
    Destination: Hyper-V 2012 R2

    I reviewed the log-file and it seems that there is problem with rights, but I even made the user and the machine, who are initiating the conversion, owner of the share or gave them full rights.

    Message: HyperVManager.JobCompleted failed, error code: 32769, description: 'sV2V-Test' failed to add device 'Virtual Hard Disk'. (Virtual machine ID 89A7AE9B-FD96-4A31-957C-9A163F596ECE)

    'sV2V-Test': The Machine Account 'Domain\Server' or the user initiating the VM management operation or both do not have the required access to the file share 'Z:\sV2V-Test\sV2V-Test.vhdx'. Please ensure that the computer machine account and the user initiating the VM management operation have full access to the file share as well as the file system folder backing the file share. Error: 'General access denied error' (0x80070005). (Virtual machine ID 89A7AE9B-FD96-4A31-957C-9A163F596ECE)

    Could you please give me any help or advice, how to go on.

    I attached the log-file, so maybe somebody can find the problem.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Regards from germany,

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    Hello Eric,

    The most recent version of 5nine V2V Easy Converter 2.0.1, includes hvremote script with brief instructions on how to use it.
    It should help you to check and set up needed level of access.

    Also a good practice is to run 5nine V2V Easy Converter on a destination Hyper-V host.