View Full Version : How to install license of 5Nine Manager on Hyper-V Server 2012

Masateru KUWATA
07-24-2013, 09:13 PM

I just tried on install the license of 5Nine Manager on Hyper-V Server 2012, but failed.

1. I downloaded the Remote Desktop Client update as instructed and expand all files. Then I copied mstscax.dll under C:\Program Files\Hyper-V.

2. Then I typed the following command;

regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Hyper-V\mstscax.dll

However, this command was rejected with the error (indicating the .dll was corrupted or missing).

I have no idea what was wrong in the above operation:confused: -- can anyone help me to install the license?


08-09-2013, 08:38 AM
Hello Masateru KUWATA,

This file has to go into 5nine Manager for Hyper-V program directory. Then you run regsvr32 command.
BTW this file has nothing to do with a license by itself, it is only needed for some versions of Windows Server, where this system library is not present.

Best regards,